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Silver Gaia – The Opening of the Healing Waters of The Mother Goddess/Gaia (Mother Earth)

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

The name Silver Gaia represents the opening of the silver healing waters by The Mother Goddess/Gaia, which is a silver waterfall for all to visit for healing.  It is now open after centuries of being closed.

When I was thinking what I should name my new radio show, a friend of mine heard the name Silver Gaia. I knew I needed to go down and speak with our The Mother Goddess/Gaia. As I was speaking with her she understood my purpose and allowed me to use the name!  Although it was allowed with grace and gratitude to use the name, and as I was continuing speaking with The Mother Goddess/Gaia I knew I needed to come back and talk with her later.

A few weeks later I had this strong feeling to go and speak with The Mother Goddess/Gaia, but did not know why.  As I went into meditation, I found myself floating down to a dirt path where a beautiful Goddess met me at the beginning of the path. OH, she is beautiful!  I recognized her immediately as our The Mother Goddess/Gaia and as I was talking with her, others were there also. I said you have other Goddesses with you, she immediately corrected me and said, these are my Priestesses.

She led me down the dirt path to this beautiful pond with a waterfall lined with silver. She then instructed me to go into the pond and then the most remarkable thing happened. I was in the pond with no clothing and the Priestesses wrapped me in a silk-type cheese cloth.  I proceeded to lay in the pond and was instructed to go under the waterfall. OH, how I cried. I released so much pain, anger and residue from my healing of other’s and my planetary work!  I thought I had previously released everything, but I did not. I came out from under the waterfall and was again met by the Priestesses and the cloth was removed.

The Mother Goddess/Gaia then told me all has been removed and now the journey begins. It will not be easy but just stay in your truth!  As we walked back down the path she instructed that I tell everyone the healing spring is now open to all. They just need to come.

I told others what had taken place, and many have since taken this journey to the healing waters and everyone has had a different experience!

Take this journey to the The Mother Goddess/Gaia and let her help you.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie

First published July 5, 2016

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