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Dr. Brie gibbs

The Goddess Emergence

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Dr. Brie Gibbs

I was mentored by Kahu Fred Sterling the past several years. Oh, what a journey it was for both of us. There were tears of sadness and tears of love. Learning to Love myself, remembering past lives, healing a lifetime of hurt and pain, and knowing I am worthy. 


The most important thing was Remembering and Accepting why I am here and holding myself in the highest Goddess Light.

One day as I was speaking with Kahu, I was honored by the Elven to meet my new guide.  I did not realize the magnitude of this gift at the time. I did not rush into it; I took my time speaking with Master Guide Barrieshea and listening to every word She would tell me. One day I was privileged to go to this incredibly special garden.  While I was there all became so clear to me and that is where the agreement was made between Master Guide Barrieshea that She would be my Guide and I the Medium.


I first met Theresa as a client, and a student who is now my best friend and business partner.  I knew there was something special about Theresa and knew her from another lifetime.  As time went on, I started to evolve and remember the different lifetimes we had since the beginning of time.  We know now that we have had thousands of lifetimes together and have come back together to finish a journey to guide others.


I came to help awaken our hearts in this Great Shift in Consciousness happening on the Earth plane. Reaching deep inside ourselves, we will find the love that brings us together as one, ushering in solutions needed for this time.


We are connected with all life, seen and unseen, inseparable from each other and Mother Earth. We must not be afraid to showcase all aspects of the diversity we each carry which must be respected and nurtured to bring forth benefits for all.

Theresa Hebert

Working together in compassion and love, Theresa and Dr. Brie share knowledge and healing techniques for others to learn. She is a master healer and a practitioner of the Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing and Goddess Light Crystal Healing.  Theresa also brings through messages from Mary Magdalene and Mother Teresa.  Read Theresa's Reawakening to Self blog site here. 

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