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Moving from Fear to Love – My Journey Back to Myself

I spent the last 7 months in sessions with Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael. If it wasn’t for their heart-felt love, patience and information they gave me I wouldn’t be where I find myself today.

I had barriers that no one was able to get through. I am now learning to be me again and not worry about what anybody thinks of me because it got to where I was so over-sensitive, that I would shut down. I came from being a strong spiritual teacher and when I moved home no one really knew who I was or about my true abilities. I was also dealing with debilitating emotional family issues. I didn’t want to leave the house and my energy level was spiking due to all the integrations but it wasn't just my energy it was from all the chaos around me and the disappointments of people not listening to me when I was supposed to a pioneer of the Creator’s Light and tell people who they really are. I let others knock me down and I lost my confidence. I've been a spiritual leader for many lifetimes, but I had to know that I could do this again without carrying the burden of what other people think and that was one of my biggest issues. I didn't want to let anyone down - my family, my best friend/business partner, my guides, no one!

During these intense months of sessions, we were able to remove layers upon layers of fear and self-doubt so that I could be me again and continue the amazing growth and expansion I have had as a result of these sessions into the Light Creator I am.

Through these sessions I found my courage. They helped with my memories of who I am, including past lives, as I went through integration after integration. They explained to me what was happening and why. Kahu and Master Kirael taught me the 5-Breath Self-Healing Meditation, coping mechanisms and other new techniques to self-heal from debilitating headaches, swollen limbs, and emotional upsets. I learned how to stop all the pain and negativity that was happening in my body!

If not for the guidance from Kahu and Master Kirael I wouldn't be an effective teacher, or the spiritual leader and Medium that I am. They brought me back from the brink of death. This is how I feel. I raised my vibration on all four parts of my body because of the intense work they did with me. They gave me so much love and understanding so that I could not just be a spiritual teacher but also be a human being as I was staying in my spirituality and forgetting about myself because I did not feel safe. I ran from anything that did not make me feel safe. I hid in my spirituality.

In this process I've learned just how over sensitive I am. A very good thing in some ways because it humbles you. I’m learning how to work with who I am. I have all these wonderful sessions on tape that I can now watch and go back to and listen differently. I am not the same person as when I started these sessions and that disease a doctor says I have I don't have any longer. Additionally, had I not gone to Hawaii to meet with Kahu and Master Kirael I would not have been able to download the dolphin and whale codes into me to get ready to bring out because I was so insecure.

Honestly, they made me stay on the planet without the “Handbook” but they did it with such love and compassion. I was also able to gain so much help from Patti Athena Sterling who is such a beautiful Light! I have been able to pass on to my family and friends so much of the learning and wisdom I gained during these sessions. The information I received is very transferrable! I just want people to know how important these sessions are for your understanding, growth, and expansion and how much joy and love they have brought back into my life that I can feel in me now and that I can share with others.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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