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Dr. Brie gibbs

The Goddess Emergence

Per Session Cost with Master Guide Barrieshea

60 Minutes or less

$495 (Friends & Family $250)


Master Guide Barrieshea, from the 7th Dimension of Guidance Realm speaks of the Elven World and offers guidance, wisdom and knowledge to all.  You will receive a recorded session (via Zoom) with Master Guide Barrieshea, where she will provide you with a personalized opening statement, information/guidance specific to your journey, and answer any questions you may have.

Per Session Cost with Dr. Brie

60 Minutes or less 



Dr. Brie discusses issues and concerns pertinent to you. She uses her extensive memories, knowledge, and wisdom from her many lifetimes as a healer and teacher in harmony with the unseen forces of light and love to assist you on your journey.  Information and healing modalities are tailored to your specific circumstances and needs, and healings may occur on any or all four parts of your body – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  You will receive a recorded session which is currently being done via Zoom.

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