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Goddesses, Please Rise to the Occasion

Healers are needed like nothing we have ever seen before. We in the spiritual community have a responsibility to Rise up to the Occasion and that is now.

Goddesses: I want to speak with you, we are more than just the name a Goddess we are the Guardians, Healers, and more. Which is a great honor for all us Goddesses to be on the Planet at this important time. Leading the pathway and healing one Heart at a time. The Great Shift of Consciousness is here. Every day I look out my windows and see something new. With love and joy in my heart I accept the change that is happening right now.

I want to share a small part of my story. I was so impatient with many different things. I wanted to see the change in the world of people. Although that was not my right to see. I was informed the change was needed within me and do not look at others, what they may be doing right or wrong for that is their path, not yours. So now the new journey begins.

Goddess EeAaRah says


Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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