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Brieanne H. Gibbs, PhD

Medium, Healer, Instructor, Author


Dr. Brie Gibbs is a Nationally & Internationally known Medium, Healer, Instructor, Author, and former Radio Show Host.  As a Lemurian she holds herself in her true Goddess Light (Truth, Trust, and Passion).  The planet has shifted many times and at one time Lemuria went from the Pacific Northwest to the Hawaiian Islands and all the way to Greece.  Dr. Brie is known as Goddess ieanna and is here to represent the Goddess Weave of Love.


The beauty of Dr. Brie’s work is showing others the Ancient Ways, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Dr. Brie holds the whale codes to share this ancient knowledge with others at the appropriate time. She shares information with immense love and gratitude for the benefit of healing and guiding others on their spiritual journeys.  She also teaches planetary workers what is needed to heal Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia at this time.


Dr. Brie is founder of these trademarked healing modalities: the Breath of Life Energy Healing Modality, the Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing, and the Goddess Light Crystal Healing.

Welcome to my world


I say with Love & Gratitude that I am privileged to be on Earth at this time. This is a significant time as we evolve during this great shift in consciousness. Every lesson I have learned became an experience I do not need to look back at them anymore. 

One of my guides had told me that love is the answer to everything, for there is nothing more or nothing less you will need. You know what? It takes less energy to love someone. I have had to learn some hard lessons, and that is OK. Being in Love is the answer for me.

When I had my Radio Show, I had an excellent guest name Carmel Glenane. She is the founder of the Intelligent Heart. Through her books, I was able to understand my own heart. I knew there was more to Heart; it opened a whole new world for me when I read her books. I am so grateful to Carmel for sharing this information with many as she continues to make her journey. I had many guests on my radio show. But there was one particular person I enjoyed speaking to, the fantastic artist Ted Winslow (SOUNDSYNCTECH). Ted is a musician that can channel the higher frequencies into his music for many to enjoy and raise their Spiritual Vibration. Then there is Christina Calisto Winslow. Oh, what a joy she is. We had so many things in common. We had fun on the radio and off the radio. Christina Winslow is the Founder of the WellPoint hypnosis method.

One other guest and friend is essential; Judy Cali is a fantastic channel. The joy and happiness of her messages bring peace and comfort to many. I know she has been a comfort and help to me by getting messages through her heart. There are many more that I should mention, although they brought joy and happiness to my life and the listeners.


This is the end of one journey; now, the new journey begins.

Goddess blessings in love.

Dr. Brie Gibbs