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Bringing Forth the Ancient Knowledge of Lady of the Lake of Avalon (Lady Vivian)

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

The Green Goddess (Leiahona) sent the Lady of the Lake of Avalon (Lady Vivian) to me first to prepare me for the arrival of The Green Goddess. Lady Vivian was the voice for the Mother Goddess/Gaia, that brought the feminine energy, taught many Priestesses the ancient knowledge of Avalon.

Lady Vivian
Lady of the Lake

“The goddess I serve, which is the Mother Goddess/Gaia, the ancient knowledge of my lineage is the divine feminine.  We are to honor and respect ourselves, along with her, although she is our Mother.  As we embrace our Mother we embrace ourselves.  There is a role we must play with the divine masculine energy also, which harmonizes both together.  As I raised you in the goddess light as the high priestess you were then and you are now, you are weaving the energies together as one, as the divine female and the divine masculine weave as one.  No matter if you are of the female or the masculine it will balance out.  With this new energy that you have and with bringing in the ancient energy and blending them together the ascension of the planet and the people will raise the spiritual vibration of all if you are in acceptance of both ancient and the new.  As I light a candle I do that in reverence to the Mother Goddess Gaia, and to Creator/Source/Spirit who is the Father of the Sky, they are the balance of both.  So where there is both prey and destruction, Mother Goddess Gaia holds the balance between the two on the planet.  Creator/Source/Spirit holds the balance in the Universe between all. Mother Goddess Gaia and Creator/Source/Spirit work as one, this is the ancient knowledge coming forth at this time for the planet.  When you hurt the planet you hurt the Universe too. The ancient knowledge has always been here, but we have forgotten it, and now it is time to remember it as we bring it through time and space to you.”

When we become aware of and heal from current life issues unresolved from past lives we learn from these often hard lessons so that we can stand in our truth and live an authentic life. How do these events affect us today?  I know for myself that my past lives created in this lifetime unresolved events and situations that I had to face, conquer my fears, and heal from if I was to help others on their spiritual journeys.

Bringing this ancient knowledge forward during this important shift of energy, weaving in the ancient wisdom with today’s energy, creates a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Why do we hide who we are? Many fear being ridiculed, judged, not listened to, or losing those around them if they share how they truly feel, who they are, and why they are here. They deeply feel they are here to help the planet in some way and want to say I am so and so… and this is why I am here!  We have so much to share.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

Channel to Dr. Brie Gibbs  from Lady of the Lake (Lady Vivian) and The Green Goddess (Leiahona). First published on 3-8-2017.

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