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Dr. Brie gibbs

The Goddess Emergence

representing the Goddess Love

Dr. Brie Gibbs is the exclusive medium for Master Guide Barrieshea.

“I am Master Guide Barrieshea from the 7th dimension. I am here to guide everyone on this evolving journey of seeking knowledge and learning to love the true self, the I That I Am." 


Walking in the Beauty of our True Selves

It is because of Dr. Brie's steadfast lifetime of study, many transformations, physical challenges, and putting so much energy of love and healing into herself to do her journey that this whole mission has been brought into creation.

DrBrie travels through many worlds. She has achieved many learning modalities and healed herself on a deep core level. As a Spiritual Leader, she is here to share information that has not been on the planet for 86,000 years.


Honoring the pandemic of the last few years gave her much-needed time for rest, reflection, and healing. Caring for yourself is the beginning of learning love, the most important thing you can do for yourself and others. Goddess EeAaRah has shared this with us about love - “There is nothing more or nothing less that you will need.”  We know that love is the only solution to the many problems of the Earth plane, and that it must start with each one of us.  Opening your heart to love can be a painful journey.  To truly heal you must move painful events and feelings from your mindset into your heart where healing occurs.


We are all on an evolutionary journey. Evolutionary means evolving. The soul and heart are integrated together. As we grow, the heart and soul keep evolving. Master Guide Barrieshea and Dr. Brie will help those who seek that knowledge held deep within our cellular consciousness. As we live our everyday life, with every step, we can walk in the Beauty - the Beauty of our true selves. You are The Beauty you came here to rediscover!

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