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The Goddess Emergence, a pathway to light

The Goddess Emergence

Dr. Brie Gibbs


from Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah

weaving of the energies

As a spiritual leader, Dr. Brie is guided by Beings of Light in helping you walk your Soul’s journey in Truth, Trust and Passion.  During the time she was in Hawaii she was honored with the name Kahu which means spiritual leader.  While she is deeply humbled by this title, she will continue to be known as Dr. Brie. She has studied for many years the different healing modalities to bring to the Earth plane.  Dr. Brie is also the exclusive Medium for Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah who is from the Creator Force and she is bringing messages to many.  Brie has studied under shamans, spiritual teachers, including what her mother had taught her as a child. Now she is bringing all this information to you through her healings, her mediumship and a new healing modality that will help many people.  Brie has always been in service to the Creator Force and the Mother Earth.  She is in service to All as a Being of Love.  She only helps in love. 

Additionally, she is a conduit for the ancient Lemurian's and the exclusive medium for Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah to bring forth new information and teachings to the planet.  She also brings forth the combined healing energies of the Sacred Beings from the Goddess Light and the Christ Consciousness.


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Ancient Goddesses Emerging

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Message from Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah – August 2019


I am Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah and I arrived on the Earth Plane 76,000 years ago. I came from the Creator Force, to speak about Spirituality which is “LOVE” not religions.


I was sitting and a man came up to me and he asked me who I was and what I was doing.  I told him my name and we talked. We talked about love.  He then brought other people with him, and soon, it was thousands that came to listen to my messages.  As I talked with many people I continued polishing a huge black diamond rock which held not only my energy but the energy of the Goddesses as I guided them to the meaning of true love. There is only love nothing else.  I would come back and forth from the Creator Force. Every time I would come back to the Earth plane, I would be sitting on the ground and more people would appear in front of me.


Love is the answer to all your questions. Love is the answer to your journey. Love is the answer to your children. Love is the answer to all.  It does not matter who I am.  What matters is I come from the Creator Force.