Dr. Brie Gibbs, The Goddess Emergence - What People Say

"Dr. Brie Gibbs of Silver Gaia Radio brings to her show a lifetime of experience & knowledge.  She truly cares about how we can all make our transitions easier in this spiritual journey on this beautiful planet.  She brings forth a wealth of topics which may include those that we might not yet have been aware of…to those that we are more curious about.  She brings us together where we can share this space in time in love & light and all learn from one another.  I have to say it has truly been an honor and a privilege to have been a guest on Dr. Brie’s show."

Dr. Ted Winslow, D.D

Owner, SOUNDSYNCTECH™, Sound Healing Researcher, Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Singer, Vocal Coach, Songwriter...

Thank you, Brie. You changed my life & healed my heart. I pray to continue to do God's work & be grateful for the Life He has given me.  Thank You.



"I have enjoyed learning with Brie.  She does not shy away from her true self. The knowledge she has is unique.  An animal lover and an inspiration.  She is a giver and a kind soul.  I hope to continue to hear her knowledge on this journey we call life."

Maria Mendez


"Brie Gibbs is your one-stop shop for all your healing needs. Her expertise and styles are multifaceted, and effect lasting change from the most subtle to the most grandiose energetic levels. She’s a healer’s healer and offers her services with a no-nonsense down-to-earth kind of treatment. I have received treatments as well as witnessed her healing touch in both a group and individual setting. The results are consistently phenomenal, as she has a keen ability to make sense of any disorder surrounding us. Thank you, Brie, for your contribution and for your continued support on seemingly small as well as very large global levels of being."

Meesa Pedrozo

Owner, Harmonics 253, Sound Therapy Masters of Acupuncture candidate, Bastyr University

"What a delight it has been for me to joyfully create with & experience the Multi-Talented & Gifted, Brie Gibbs. She is following her Sacred Heart, as she receives Divine Guidance to assist bringing great Spiritual Leaders to share their gifts with the World. It takes tremendous courage to pave the way for others. As a Light Creator, she is dedicated to assist with Awakening each being to Remember Who They Are & to Remember the Sacred Heart Gift each is to share, in as many ways, shapes & forms possible. Brie carries Ancient Wisdom beyond her years & has a lovely way of sharing who she is. I feel deeply Blessed by her friendship, as we giggle & dance in the grace of each other’s essence, in peace."

Judy Cali

Angelic Healer, Reader, Channel and Medium

"Thank you, Brie, for the healing work you did for me, running Mother Mary’s energy! I had a clogged oil duct on the inside of my lower eyelid. It was larger than usual and irritating the cornea. My eye was swollen, red, and not resolving as quickly as it had in the past. After you did the healing (placing your hands directly over my eyes), my eye felt much better. By the end of the day, the oil duct had reduced by half, and by the next morning it was minimal….about 95% reduction. I was able to finally put my contacts back into my eyes in about two days with ease versus wearing my glasses, which I had done for about 2 weeks! Thank You so much for your Divine Gift of Healing!!!  Much Love & Blessings to YOU!"

Dr. Cheryl Berry

Cafe of Life, Chiropractic and Wellness Studio

"I just want to thank you for the healing you did on me to help me with my Lymphoma which I was shockingly diagnosed with in December.  It has been a hard and surreal time.  First of all, I could not believe the actual healing experience I had with you.  I could feel this intense heat from your hands, and then the sparks started to fly.  It’s a good thing there were no dry leaves around or I think you could have started a forest fire!  What happened after is what I need to share with you.  Even through my illness, I’m always running around trying to do everything.  When I got home from the healing, I literally passed out in my clothes which I never do.  I woke up 3 hours later with my jeans and shirt drenched.  I took off my wet clothes and stayed in bed for two days.  I was not “sick” but I just knew that I needed to stay in bed to rest and let the healing do its work.  I need to continue working with you, as I’m just blown away by my response to your work, and just feel you are helping to save my life.  What a blessing that I met you.  Thank you."

Debra Kamino


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