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My Services

Dr. Brie brings forth the combined healing energies of the Sacred Beings from the Christ Consciousness. Healings may occur on any or all four parts of the body - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Healings may be done in person, via Skype or Zoom.  One session $95.00


Dr. Brie is a conduit for and connects with the needed Beings of Light to answer your questions.  Readings may be done in person, via Skype, or Zoom.  One hour session $95.00

Session with Goddess Ee Aa Rah

Receive a one hour mp4 session with Goddess Ee Aa Rah where she will provide you with a personalized opening statement, guidance specific to your journey, and answer any questions as well as teach you how to love yourself. She comes in LOVE, and is all about love, starting with yourself and extending that love out into the Earth plane. One session, including mp4 is $95.00

Life coaching, provided by Dr. Brie, is not a substitute for professional help. She is here to help empower you, based on her gifts/talents/abilities and life experiences, on your personal journey - to guide you only because ultimately you are the one in charge of your own life and journey.  Discover your unknown gifts, talents, and abilities. Discussions may include employment, personal growth, behavior awareness and modification, goal-setting, and many others, all aimed at how to achieve what is best for you and others around you. It is about finding the best in you as you begin to understand who you are, how you interact in the world, and that as a Divine Being you are perfect just the way you are!

Deities have been holding the Love energy for thousands of years.  Now it is time for us to step up and perform this work.  This work of healing the Planet is so needed at this time. Dr. Brie has been a planetary worker for many years.  She works with all the Councils of Light to accomplish what is needed at the time, whether is it placing a crystal(s) in the ground to anchor the energy, clearing and blessing property and buildings, putting in Heaven & Earth portals, releasing matrix hooks, etc.  She does this work onsite, remotely throughout the world and universe, depending upon the requirement.  Dr. Brie guides others to perform planetary work through Goddess groups.

The Elementals (Nature & Earth Spirits) work with Mother Earth for the well-being of the planet - they protect and manifest, and work with people, animals, flowers, birds, plants, food, soil, etc., to bring forth Joy and Love.  They are our faeries, unicorns, gargoyles, dragons, eagles, gnomes, giants, mermaids, elves, and many, many others.  Dr. Brie is divinely guided by the Elementals to help heal you and the planet.


Recently, Dr. Brie and her husband were putting in new landscaping around their house.  The Elementals were having a great time communicating with her as to where to place the plants, benches, and statues!  They have wonderful senses of humor and had them laughing the whole time!

Dr. Brie was 9 years old when her mother created an animal welfare shelter.  This was the first time she knew she could communicate with animals. She picked up a large Siamese cat and asked her what was wrong.  The Siamese cat told her she did not want to get a required shot, that she was not having babies she was just fat, and her name was Prunella (she went on to become their house cat).  She told her Mother what the cat said, and while she held the cat to comfort her, her Mother was able to deliver the shot.  Your animals, who use 100% of their brains (we only use 10%), are your protectors and as much love as you give them, they give that much back and more.

Dr. Brie shares information from her varied life experiences, personal memories from many lifetimes, and with assistance from all Beings of Light brings forth the forgotten and new information needed to shift us into a new level of consciousness with ease and grace.  This is often referred to as The Great Shift and The Golden Age. 


Classes are shared in-person, via Skype or Zoom, specific for the materials being offered.  Additional information will be posted as available.