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There They Go Again! Take a class, see someone do something, & off they go without proper training!

Healing Hands

"Short cuts” why? Well here is my answer to this one. Not wanting to finish a class and get the knowledge and certification.

You are probably wondering why I am writing this. Many have seen me do something and they run with what they saw. Although it is dangerous for the client due to the fact no one knows who I called in to assist me in the healings, etc. Then there have been times I have received a phone call and must go to the client's higher self and fix the mistakes. Sometimes the higher self also comes directly to me to help. Also, I have made sure the body excepted it.

I have done this free of charge since they only watched me do something, I feel responsible to fix the issue, even though it is the responsibility of the original healer to do the healing accurately. I feel very strongly there are no short cuts to healing work! Get trained properly. You are a conduit for the healers and a conduit for the messengers. If you are the one receiving the healing, please ask to see their credentials! I show mine!

With Love and Respect

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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