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The Journey of a Divine Soul

On July 7, 2013 my mother left this world and transitioned over. It’s was really hard for me when she left, like a part of me left with her. Everybody says: “Oh don’t dwell on it. It’s okay. You know that she can hear you, and you can see her.” That wasn’t enough. I thought I’m not going to get through this, I can’t do this alone without her even though I had all my guides, Ascended Masters and other beings of light with me.

A little over a week later I was sitting in my living room with the TV on, playing meditative music. Suddenly I saw Mother Mary show up in front of me – not three feet away. I said I hear and see you and that’s when she asked me “There will be a time when I come to you, will you be my voice, and will you learn a new healing technique?” I said yes with humbleness and honor. Here I am an emotional wreck from losing my mother, even though I never lost her, just that her body left. Okay, I’m going to do this. That was four and a half years ago.

But I didn’t know what I was going to experience. During this four and a half years I’ve had to go through so many transformations to be able to become the clear channel for Mother Mary. I can’t adequately explain how I felt inside/outside - such warmth. Every transformation I went through, however, I thought enough is enough, I don’t think I can do this! Then St. Germain and Archangel Michael would show up and tell me yes you can. This was the hardest series of transformations I have been through; all four parts of my body was impacted – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I remember earlier in the year saying I can’t do this and then I fell asleep. During my sleep state, somebody had one of my colors that I used to wear. I said “Oh no! You can’t have that; you give that back to me”. It was an Ascended Master and an Archangel that had it, both had half. Then each one of them gave me back my color, asking “Are you going to give your power away again and say I can’t do this?”. “No, I’m not, I promise.” I woke up and called a friend of mine to share what happened to me.  A statement I made in my house months ago, I wasn’t even thinking that they would hear me. Then it happens. I lost my colors, I can’t do this anymore and you know what? They heard it. It was like let’s show you what it’s like not to have this in you. You were born with this energy, so many different energies. You know it’s not the Mother Mary thing it’s all these energies I came in with. “Okay I can do this. Now let’s get busy.”

These transformations affected my family, and my friendships. I lost friends because I couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t talk on the phone sometimes. On the physical side, I gained 40 pounds. My friend Judy and I would joke that we had to gain this weight to bring in the other beings, so we could bring their messages through. I couldn’t eat certain foods (cheese, meat, etc.), and at times I could not eat anything except drink Frappuccino’s with all that sugar! But it would help sustain me, so I could function. I even tried Dr. Pat’s diet – couldn’t eat that either.  And I’m thinking why did I need all that sugar? It helped to sustain my mind because there were days I became lethargic and so tired that I needed something. I tried vitamin B, B12, B6, B Complexes, green drinks, etc.

I was tired all the time, I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired. I would have to take Benadryl and I’d only sleep for a couple hours. What was I going to do now with this physical problem? How much more can I stand on the physical - being sick, lots of hot baths, lying in bed for days – get up for a few hours, go back to bed. You know I didn’t know how much more I was going to have to take.  But you know it’s been all worth it to me. I had headaches and nausea, just so many headaches! Then I had a stroke, and I had to find out why I had to have the stroke. And the stroke basically happened because a part of me had to die and leave so the higher-self could come in. Then my face cleared up because much of the right side of it had dropped and I just kept telling myself I can do this. I got through the physical part and as I was going through this, I was thinking what’s next? More physical problems. I was trying to eat, and I couldn’t, and I had to go back on liquids and I was doing organic soups and that didn’t work, then I had to go to water and lemon and you know all these different things.

People ask me frequently about the downloads which caused the headaches, what they mean. Not everyone is going to have these extreme headaches but there is usually some kind of headache. I remember being in bed at twelve or 2 or 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon and going to sleep so that they could finish downloading me, so I wouldn’t feel it and then I would be up again at night remembering what had happened and why they did what they did.  And sometimes not remembering a darn thing and I couldn’t sleep after that and you know it’s okay.  But you know the one thing that I learned, society tells you that you have to be thin, eat a certain way, and do this and do that.  All these commercials and doctors telling us what to do!

If we just listened to the Divine, the God Creator and listened to our Divine sources, our guides, angels, whatever, and if I had listened to them instead I might not have gained the forty pounds! I finally realized I needed to embrace what was happening to me on the physical level. Isn’t it amazing when you surrender to all of that and just let it flow, it’s like everything kind of goes into a divine order.

Would I change anything that happened to me? No, because I wouldn’t be able to be that clear channel for her. I am so humbled by this and it changed me in so many different ways. The way I am with people, the way I’m with my husband, the way I’m with my son. My husband even told me he liked how I had changed, this new Brie, a softer and happier person. My true I AM presence came in, and I was finally able to say I’m me now. We all have multiple higher selves and when my highest self came in - I always say the one with the crown - she was able to help me embrace everything to be that clear channel. You really have to be in your highest vibration to channel an Ascended Master. You have to heal the present lifetime and other lifetimes.

When I decided I was going to be her voice and do her healing techniques I was learning all these different techniques without touching people. During a session, I was running my hands very softly and gently over my client, a woman. And I’m running the energy very gently and that went on for a little bit and then all of a sudden, I was working on one person and this big brick house of an energy landed on top of me and beside me and I said, “I know who you are.”

It was Master Jesus asking me “May I run my energy with you, along with Mother?” When it came, it was hard on my body because while I was running his masculine energy through my right hand and Mother Mary through my left hand, Master Jesus was also giving me messages! I’ve never channeled him before and that was a big thing for me. There had to be an easier way. And so they found an easier way for me; they actually braided their energies together and it runs smoothly through my hands now. It comes through my body and I’m not shaking, I’m not feeling all this hard energy anymore.

The mental effect these transformations had on me? I wasn’t very nice! From October to about three days before Christmas I don’t know how many times I told my husband to leave and get out. I wanted to be left alone, I didn’t want my husband around me, I didn’t want my son around me and I don’t know why I even said for them to get out because they did nothing to cause these feelings.

I was in just so much pain. But then I realized I was doing it because of all my core issues that had to be healed. Here’s one of the reasons I kept telling him to get out. He was my husband in a past life and he left me. When I mean left me he died and transitioned off the planet and it was so painful to me. My guides showed it to me again and I had remembered it but a long time ago. I didn’t realize it was such a core issue that he left me. My reasoning to say this is my house I want you out numerous times was because I was afraid he was going to leave me again, it was just fear. And in this life time I’m going to say it right now there is no room for fear. Fear should not exist in any of us because otherwise you bring it back.

I was afraid, and my big thing was he would die and leave me again. I would reach over at night just to see if he was breathing and he was there. Once I healed these issues, the behavior stopped. And of course, I had to explain to him why I was doing this, and he would say, “I married you for a lifetime, I’m not leaving, I’m not going nowhere, you’re a little exhausting right now, you’re irritating me … I didn’t marry you for a good time, I married you for a long time”. And when he said that to me, I realized he was understanding everything I was going through. And it was hard; it was so hard to see the pain that I put him through. But he kept coming back and saying, “Okay, how was your day? Are you okay?”

The mental part I think was the hardest and then that’s when I realized the deep wounds of the little girl in me (my inner child). She was so wounded. I’ve shared before that as a child I was molested and raped and I thought I had taken care of all of that and I found that I didn’t, and we had to hold and heal her again. You know I was lying in bed meditating one day and she came to me and I just held her. And I said, “it’s okay, it’s okay, we’re fine now”. Well she finally left, and I don’t know, she’s with my mom or wherever she’s at, she’s happy, she’s healed, and she’s gone and she’s where she’s supposed to be. And now I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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