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Regaining My True, Authentic Self

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Good Morning

I woke up this morning and thoughts were running through my head. As I sat at my computer I decided to write this small yet meaningful post. Oh, how I hope you understand this.

Being in the fifth dimension is not just being an incarnated angel, goddess, walk-in or even an incarnated Ascended Master. Being your true authentic self is much more - you ask what is it? Is it healing as a fifth dimensional healer or reader, being an author, etc.? Do you know what any of this means?

In May of 2017 I wanted to leave the planet. The emotional pain was too much at the time for my heart and soul. I woke not wanting to do my radio show, went to take a shower and when I looked in the mirror I saw the right side of my face had dropped!  I went to the hospital and my blood pressure was high, had a T.I.A. (mini stroke).

I was not all the way in my body when a friend came to my hospital room. I did not recognize her at first due to seeing her in her highest of form (one of her higher selves came forward). Then she came closer and I knew who she was. I remembered telling her I had a decision to make. She then said, “if you do not want to be here get out of your body.” If I really did not want to stay I would have left last night was my answer. I thought I could go back to work after two weeks. NO WAY? I had much more to learn about this situation. The only way I would stay on planet was if I could be in my highest of form. It was then I realized something happened to me. I became a walk-in.

I had to make some serious decisions when I was out of body. I was honored to remember some things then, and even more comes back every day.  I called my friend Judy and she told me I had St. Germain on my left and Mother Mary on my right while I was out of body. While talking with her I saw a council of bright light in front of me. Then they did a ceremony on me for the walk-in, which is my highest higher self.

I had to learn who I now am - getting to know the new me or should I say the true authentic me again, with tears of joy, laughter and emotions that I did not always understand. As I heal from all of this I now understand what it means to be your true authentic self and speaking your truth in love. It is not what I thought! Love is a word we sometimes use very loosely. When I say this one word I know it comes from the highest part of myself. Stay heart centered and speak your truth with LOVE!

As a multi-dimensional traveler, I leave my body often. I see things of wonderment and what we are achieving.  I have always known I am a Goddess. What did change was the meaning of being a Goddess which is to be your true authentic self and speak your truth in love. This knowing is stronger than ever before.  I am still going through a transformation to rebuild my foundation.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie

First published 8-9-2017


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