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Moving into 2020 as a Being of Love - Message from Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah

Goddess Blessings My Dear Ones for I am here today to talk to you of something of great importance. It is close to the end of the year, almost 2020. Are you all the way ready? Are you sure? Have you learned all your lessons you must learn before 2020? Have you released all the 3-D images that were thought patterns in your mind? Today my talk will have questions for you. I had to learn hard lessons and heal those emotions when I was on the Earth plane also. Please make sure you have completed your lessons this year and healed those emotions. I do not mean to sound harsh, but if you do not complete them, they will follow you into 2020. You do not want that to happen. But what I give you today is a Pathway to Light, for there will be nothing more or nothing less that you will need.

As you walk your journey, and you put one foot in front of the other, make sure that you have left nothing behind, and that you healed those emotions. When you heal the emotions, they cannot follow you. You have the four parts of the body correct? The emotional, the mental, the spiritual and the physical. All four parts must heal. When you heal them you go forward. 2020 will be a big year. More love will come to the planet and changes that will come upon people and the land. You say, Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah why do you say land? Because it is your land you stand upon. It may be called the Earth plane, but it is your land. Have you thought of it that way? You are responsible for the planet. And I will say again your land. You are responsible for your actions only, no others. My Medium is not responsible for you, but she is responsible for who she represents which is I, Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah. One day I will tell you where I come from, but you are not ready for that yet. I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you may have forgotten and look back. Just look back this last time because it is so close to the end of the year and heal those emotions. When you heal the emotions there will be nothing more and nothing less you must do. It will be done and complete. You will let go of everything and you will go forward.

I want to talk about Aging the Soul. When you heal those emotions and you learn, you aged your soul. When you let go of things that hurt you, you age your soul. Anything that does not feel good to you let go of it, get rid of it, give it to your guides or the Creator Force. Many are not used to working with the Guidance Realm, but they are here to assist you to release it. For you are aging your soul that way also.

For as you release it all and you no longer keep it or take it on you have aged the soul to move forward. If I am repeating myself, I am sorry, but it is so important that people understand to release it for the aging of the soul. Do you think my Medium could have done this, be a Medium for Me if she did not age her soul? There would be too much interference. Now, she shows others the true Creator’s love which she did not before because of all the pain she had to release.

I know many people are tired about hearing about love. Love this, love that. I want to say this to all my dear ones. Love yourself first. Love yourself. And when you think, oh I ate too much from the holidays, love it anyway. For Christmas is a joyful time for many. That is like a lesson right there. It is done. You do not need more pie, or cake or cookies. It is done, so that is like a lesson. I am using food as a lesson for people to understand how easy it is to let go and love yourself to age your soul.

I would like everyone to look in the mirror and see the beauty of who they are, man and woman. It does not matter what mistakes happened yesterday. It does not matter what mistakes happen today, there are no mistakes. Look in the mirror at your beauty. Look at your eyes. Look at your nose. For we all come from the Creator Force. The love the Creator gives to all of us is eternal. Whether you accept it or not. Know that it is there for you. The Goddess Love is there for you also. I bring up my right hand as the Divine Masculine and as I bring up my left hand I talk about the Divine Feminine and how beautiful you all are. Please do not use the word “Love State” because you are a Being of Love. This is what I want to say today. I love all of you. No matter who or what you may have done we have no judgement where I come from. Please do not judge yourself for you are a Being of Love. All of You. Remember that. Goddess Blessings and Good Night,

Goddess Ee-Aa-Rah

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