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Message From Leiahona, Mother Goddess of Lemuria

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Yes, you have known of me. I have been through time and space to come and be with you at this very important time of shifting that is happening on the planet now. As we proceed with the prophecy we are helping to guide each and every one of you. For this may come at a surprise to you I AM HERE AND WILL REMAIN HERE.  I am The Mother Goddess of Lemuria, and have spoken through one other and now it is time to be heard.

As you walk now in the light of the 5th, you are aware that the human body is no longer a 3rd dimensional light. You have raised into your light bodies and some to their golden bodies. Many of you are living in all dimensions. Can you see the other lights move in a twisting or spiraling patterns around you? Such as many colors present themselves to you. Those are the other dimensions that you are living in and around.

The Green Goddess
Leiahona, Mother Goddess of Lemuria

Many centuries ago, I had a goddess that would be my voice. Which I am known by many names which are not important now. Know that I have always been with you and will continue to be. As you set on this new journey with excitement in yourselves, know this, you are all loved. Remember the old ways which has been here. I am just here to help guide many of you. That is, if you wish to follow in the ancient ways. Goddesses stand up and show the love and compassion for others in this time of shifting.

Message from Dr. Brie Gibbs

I would like to say THE WAYS OF THE MOTHER GODDESS NEVER LEFT! Just forgotten.

I ask you today as you read this to honor yourselves and love yourselves from your heart center. When you come from the heart center nothing can harm you or others. Move your thoughts to your heart center and feel the difference. I know for myself when things go awry I move my thoughts to my heart center and then the feelings and emotions change.  I then come from a love space which cannot be diverted. As I continue to teach and listen to others, I know the love of THE MOTHER GODDESS IS WITHIN ME.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

First published May 3, 2017.

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