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Love is the Answer to Everything!

Love is the answer to everything! No matter what the situation may be, what good does it do to become angry? Are you using energy that could be used in a good way instead? I have thought of this as I’ve seen people grow more and more every day. Some may not even think I am watching. I am watching my medium as she is changed moment after moment. A feeling of love she never felt before is now in her.

This is available to you also! Just open your heart and the rest will come naturally. How many times do you want to heal the same problem you have had in past lives and even from childhood in this life reincarnation? I know many of you are ascended masters in your own right (but do not recognize it) and will continue to grow and show the new world that you are one of them. Don’t be afraid if you are not what others think you should be. They are not doing your job on the Earth Plane. Your responsibilities are yours not anyone else’s. I say this with much love and consideration for your own well-being.

Goddess Ee Aa Rah through Kahu Brieanne

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