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In Search of a Goddess Name

I have lived a Goddess Life for many years. Teaching and Healing others with my beliefs and memories of Ancient Lemurian Shamanic Healing and other healing modalities. Certified in several healing modalities, opening and trademarking my own healing modalities. As my life continued, I learned about 3 past lives that was brought to the planet as my higher-self thought I was ready for this information. There are times our souls know we are ready also. The Spiritual Transformation begins such as Splinters and downloads that are very important for you to go through the spiritual transformation. Healing emotions and all sorts of issues I thought I was done with I can honestly say, no I was not done healing a lot of things. I could not heal in a 3rd dimensional way. I would go to the Fourth Light. As I continued to heal, I saw things differently and will continue. Although it has not been an easy journey it has been well worth the embracement of Love and only through love will you embrace many things.

My higher-self knew I was ready to learn this new journey, giving me information that will help with transformation. I know for myself I have had to release Material objects and patterns that I thought I would never do! I say this with great love for myself. Releasing 3rd dimensional thoughts or objects was necessary for my spiritual growth. Sure, it was not easy, it affected all four parts of my body. The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. How I can explain this, is it is like you are on a large rollercoaster and then when you finally embrace the transformation with Self-Love things become easier.

The one I am going through now is for a very personal level of knowingness. I woke up one morning and said I wonder what my true Goddess Name is? I asked my Guides for the name and of course I heard no you’re not ready yet. I had to meditate and sit in a stillness for my own spiritual growth. So, I searched for my true Goddess name and then realized the process. I then began to wake up with the first part of my true Goddess name, piece at a time. I was given 5 letters from a Being of Love which I put with the first part. About 3 weeks later on a Saturday morning I woke with the whole name. I was shocked learning my memories all made sense. Now the downloads and releases began. This is my journey I am on now. I embrace everything with Love.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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