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Alchemy of the Goddesses - New Healing Center for Healings, Crystals & More!

Many have asked, why are you not doing the radio show anymore? There is a very good answer to this. First, I would like to let everyone know that I really appreciated all the Guest Speakers and Authors, Listeners and Transformation Talk Radio for all the support I received.

The answer is really simple. I was to begin a new journey to open a new healing center.

Let me start from the beginning. I was asked in 2010 to return home and take care of my mother. She passed over in 2013. After that I thought we would return to where I was living before, and return to my previous life of Healing, Teaching and Speaking.

Well that was not in my life’s Blueprint. I asked Spirit/God Creator and Mother Goddess/Gaia how I was to do this in this area. I then met a few women and opened a small center. NO, that was not it either. Then I had my ‘awakening’ moment to go on the Radio. That was to be the foundation for the New Healing Center. Many of my guests I knew personally, some I only knew from reading their books or listening to them on internet radio or reading the Sedona Journal Magazine. We had the show for over a year.

One day I woke up and told my co-host this is my last day. She had the feeling also this was happening. Everything went wrong from the beginning with sound check problems, and you name it. I ended that show with an expression of love and how grateful I was to all the listeners and TTR.

This is the year of healing our deepest core issues. Well, I have to admit I had my share of things to heal. Then, after resting, I thought I would go back to radio again after setting up things up for a new show. My business partner asked me if I really wanted to do this again and I had to think and meditate on it very seriously. The answer was NO MORE HOSTING a Radio Show. I then realized the foundation had already been built via my Silver Gaia Radio show on Transformation Talk Radio.

Now my passion is establishing a new Healing Center, a SAFE HAVEN, where people can gather and improve their lives. We are calling our new center Alchemy of the Goddesses. It is not about who is the best healer, Radio Host, Author, etc. It is about being in oneness.

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

Alchemy of the Goddesses
Alchemy of the Goddesses Storefront

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