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A Return to the Ancient Lands of Hawaii

Ancient trees on Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii's Ancient Trees

A Return to the Ancient Lands of Hawaii

As I sit back and think about my time in Hawaii, I realized things I could only image that would take place. Let me start from the beginning, when Theresa and I arrived in Hawaii we could feel the love pouring from our Earth Mother. The feelings of knowingness came into me, of the times I spent on Lemuria. How beautiful it was during that ancient time when we all spent our days in ONENESS. I felt the Ancient Lemurians all around me, with images were flying in and out of my head.

We checked into the hotel, spent some time on the beach, and just took in the smell of the energy that we both so needed. The timing was correct for both of us. In the Goddess Light numerology, we arrived on a 9 day which represents completion and left on a 4 day which represents The Fourth Light. Now let me tell you this, Theresa picked out our dates to arrive and to depart.

We talked with the Dolphins and other beings around us, walked along the beach and stood by the ancient trees. There were times I could not even move due to the messages I was receiving.

Theresa and I then had dinner with Kahu Fred Sterling and his wife Patti (who is a treasure in her own right). We spent a wonderful evening talking and getting to know each other in person. Oh, how Kahu has helped both Theresa and I on our journey’s.

Many events took place during the five days we were on the island. I knew I had to do ceremonies while I was there. I was told to have Theresa come with me to a more secluded part of beach. We were alone, the wind was still, and the ceremony began as I called in the Ancient Lemurians and other beings of light. A powerful wind came up that almost knocked us over. When the first part was done, I was instructed to put my hand on Theresa and the winds came up again all around us like a cyclone. Good that we were hanging on! Then the wind stopped, and we were left with a feeling of warmth and total calmness. I knew the ceremonies were complete. Theresa and I both received powerful messages. For myself two major events needed to happen, and one day I will share the information with others. Theresa’s were all about the power and strength she carries.

As I reflect on our time spent there and the special in-person sessions we had while there with Master Kirael, it all made sense to me. I was told these ceremonies are not done, but just the beginning.  When Theresa and I left Hawaii, I had such a sadness that came over me. I was on a spiritual high, but down deep inside I cannot explain the depth of my feelings to be leaving such a place. I know we will be traveling back and forth, coming to and from the ancient lands which I once called home. Not just during the Lemurian times, but when I left there in 1984. To my delight not much has changed!

Goddess Blessings,

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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