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A Lesson on Using Your Own Discernment

Let’s talk about my hair. I’ll start at the beginning. A friend of mine told me I should add some highlights to the top of my hair as it would look better on film. It looked beautiful, but then another person suggested to bring the highlights all the way through my hair. Well, I went to a salon and the stylist went overboard and turned my whole head blonde. When I saw my hair, I went what?!!

I couldn’t live with this color, so I went to a good salon and she put a permanent dark brown color on my hair. Wow did that make me look hard. By then my hair was damaged, and I had to cut it short and I mean short. I did not like the dark color so after a month I had some highlights added. I ended up looking blonder than anything, like a platinum blonde bombshell!

I should tell you I am a natural auburn redhead. So, as my hair grew out and I went on vacation to Hawaii, I could not do any more work on my hair yet. I braved it out with goddess love in my heart, knowing I was not feeling like my true authentic self. When I came back from Hawaii, I decided to try someone else and my hair turned very dark again. The stylist used a permanent color again. The next few day’s my hair started changing to an ash color, so I called the salon, went in again and had it re-done. Well, she added some red tone to it. Now mind you it was a temporary color. I thought great now I look like I am in grade school with this really red hair. You know the bright red hair. No way!!!!

So, I was upset with my hair and could not blame everyone because I did not use my own discernment in following others’ advice. I was laying in bed when I heard ‘take a shower’. I went to take the shower and wash my hair. Suddenly, I heard use Kelly’s Sauvé Clarifying shampoo. He is a truck driver, so he uses that to remove grease, etc. Prior to my shower, I asked the Creator Force, Angels, Guides, you name them, I called them all in and asked for help to bring back my true authentic hair color before all the messing around with it. I used the shampoo twice and looked at the bottom of the shower for any color that might have rinsed out with the shampoo. I didn’t see any. I went ‘oh crap’ I must have to learn a lesson out of this one! As I was drying my hair, my original color came back. I promised to never color my hair again. I’d rather be my true authentic self then ever go through this again.

A lesson well learned. Be your true authentic self and all will be well.

Goddess Blessings,

Kahu Brieanne

Brie_after hair

Brie_before hair

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