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A Community Comes Together!

How many times do you see people on the street asking for help? How many times do you ignore them? My next question is would you/will you stop and help them?

Recently, I was driving to get a cup of coffee. It was raining extremely hard, and I noticed there was a family living in their car. I got my coffee, thought about what my heart said to do, turned my car around and went back to give this family some money. Then I drove home, talked with Theresa, my business partner, about this family, and we decided we needed to help them.

I was so worried about this family. I could feel the physical effect in my heart chakra and it felt like my ribs were literally opening. I prayed to our God Creator/Source & then Mother Goddess on what to do. I did not get out of my car when I got home, but turned my car around, and thought okay God if they are still there, we will help them.

It was still raining extremely hard when I saw them again, sitting in their car. I asked to speak with them. We ended up getting them a motel room. I then called Debbie & Charlie at Crystal Spirit (formerly Crystal Voyage) in Tacoma. They agreed to meet with this family, and together we were able to provide an additional week of housing in the motel for them.

It does not really matter about the rest of the details - who, what, where and when. What does matter is two spiritual centers came together in their hearts and with their resources to help a family in need.

Alchemy of The Goddesses Healing Center in Auburn, WA and Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center in Tacoma, WA working together in a spirit of love and cooperation. This is how the spiritual community needs to be – helping and supporting each other for the benefit of all. A “harm to none” behavior toward all beings!

Dr. Brie Gibbs

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