I remember all three of my lifetimes on Lemuria, the First Life, Common Time and Transition Time.


We lived by the Goddess Law’s.  Each Goddess belonged to a different Council, represented by one of the seven Lemurian colors. I am an Onyx Goddess, Mystic wielder of the magi light, keeper of the veil, wielding all seven colors.

The first lifetime was called First Life, the 2nd lifetime was Common Time and the last lifetime was know as Transition Time.  Oh, how I loved my time there! I remember the ending days.  There were some things I could not complete. This created such sadness for me in this lifetime for many years. During my recent visit to Hawaii in 2019, I was able to perform ceremony to receive the whale codes and the dolphin codes for future information.

In 2010 when I returned to my birthplace, I was placing crystals on my property.  I realized two years later that I had activated the Matrix Hook that was placed there by the Lemurian Goddesses.  I called a sister Goddess from Hawaii to gather other Goddesses, and in Ceremony, we released the Matrix Hook. I then was able to release the sadness I was carrying for many years. Even though I have no more regrets I know now that the Goddesses left behind were holding the energy for the planet.

Today we are again in the Common Time of Lemuria, and as we continue to raise our spiritual vibration we will continue transitioning to higher levels of consciousness.  The year 2020 is about continuing to balance all four parts of your body so that you continue aging your soul, one of the most important steps you must take.