Brieanne H. Gibbs, PhD

Teacher, Medium, Healer, Author              


Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences, Institute of Metaphysical Sciences (2010)

Master of Theology, Institute of      Metaphysical Sciences (2007)

B.S. Journalism, University of Washington (1984)

Licensed Broadcaster (1978)



Reiki Master (2014)

Ordained Spiritual Minister,

    Universal Ministries (2008)

Certified Color Energy Practitioner (2006)

4th Generation High Priestess in the Goddess Light,

    Universal Life Church Monastery (1995)



Phone:  253-242-6003

Dr. Brie Gibbs is a Nationally & Internationally known Teacher, Medium, Healer, Author, and former Radio Show Host.  She has created multiple companies to bring in her healing work and certifies other to do the same. As a Lemurian she holds herself in her true Goddess Light (Truth, Trust and Passion). She also works with Elven Magi Lehie and Elven Magi Elasie. The beauty of Dr. Brie’s work is showing others the Ancient Ways, Knowledge and Wisdom that can be applied for the benefit of today’s world.

Dr. Brie is now the exclusive Medium for Goddess EeAaRah, the first spiritual Goddess to come to the planet 76,000 years ago to teach true spirituality, which is love. After seven spiritual awakenings and aging her soul to the highest level of consciousness, she now has an understanding at a much higher level.  Her level of consciousness continues to rise as she ages her soul.

While in Hawaii she was able to download the whale and the dolphin codes to share this ancient knowledge with others. She brings information forward, with immense gratitude, for the benefit of healing and guiding others on their spiritual journeys. She also guides other planetary workers, helping to heal Mother Earth.


Dr. Brie is founder of the following trademarked modalities: Breath of Life Energy Healing Modality, and Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing and Goddess Light Crystal Healing.

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